Spoolsv.exe using 95+ percent CPU even after print is complete

Running Windows XP on Celron processor and when I print, the CPU goes to 100 percent until the print job gets to the printer. It then drops back down to 2% until the job is completed by the printer. As the printer stops, it jumps back up to 100% and it is the Spoolsv.exe process using all of the resources. This will continut for about 2 minutes and then eventually it drops back down. This happens no matter what program I use to print.

Window XP Pro
Celeron 1.8
2 GB
Norton Antivirus.
Printer HP Color LaserJet CP1215


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Check all printers installed and make sure all printers don't have any jobs waiting.  if you only have one.... then do a restart of the print spooler service.
B HCommented:
you might want to update your printer driver... and uninstall any PROGRAM relating to the hp laserjet...

with a celeron 1.8... it's not out of the ordinary for that to get pegged out all the time for basic processes
have you obtained to most recent drivers and firmware for your printer?

there used to be problems with hp printers using 100% cpu. that was a long time ago though. maybe it has crept in again ;o

I can't recall if it was somehow related to norton or not. if nothing else works you should try uninstalling that.

Most of all: stay away from HP printers. their drivers are HORRIBLE. samsung is cheap and reliable. epson, okidata, etc. although i havent used epson in a while, and oki has separate drum/toner kits which are a bit messier compared to combined drum+toner.

their hardware isn't much better, and their ink costs an arm and a leg. samsung cartridges are easier to refill. plus samsung+xerox used to use the same hardware packaged in a different design. even the manuals were the same page for page except the first few pages which were branded xerox/samsung hehe. not sure if they still use same h/w or not.

your system specs dont look like they should cause any kind of problem.
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edit: their hardware and the expensive ink refers to HP materials.
scan for viruses.  I have seen malicious logic attack the spooler service and use up all your computer resources with that one file.  is your norton AV updated?  try restarting that service when it maxes out your processor and see if that works.
Maybe a driver is there that is causing it to tank the CPU?

Delete the printer from Printers and Faxes (I would suggest deleting them all).

Once the printer is deleted, go to start<>run>cmd

net stop spooler
net start spooler

That should free up the drivers to delete them.....

Totally remove the driver, once you deleted the printer. To do this,  go to Printers and faxes>File>Server Properties>Drivers, and delete whats there. (Deleting the rinter doesnt delete the drivers).

Reinstall the first printer, and test..... Then keep installing additional printers (if needed), until it either fails, or works ok....

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