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How do I retrieve dynamically created form controls in the code behind?

On my page the user can select a number from a drop down list to choose how many text boxes to fill in. So, if the user selects 8, then 8 text boxes will be dynamically created at runtime and displayed on the page. I want to get the values that the user enters in these textboxes when the "submit" button is clicked, but I don't know how many textboxes have been created prior to runtime, so I don't know how many values there are. How do I get these values in the codebehind?
1 Solution
You could say, if the user has selected n from the drop down list, create controls and assign them IDs
txtDynamicBox1, up to txtDynamicBoxn.

You would then get each dynamic textbox, by going through a for loop, and use FindControl to get the textbox eg

For i as Integer = 1 to DropdownPicker.Text
Dim myTextBox as TextBox
 myTextBox = FindControl("txtDynamicBox" & i)

Just ensure your code to generate the boxes isnt filtered for non-postbacks only, ie dont create the boxes in a If IsPostBack=False statement
Go through below links which explain concept of dynamic controls.


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