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hello experts,

This maybe a "you cant do that" question, but sooner or later someone, hopefully google, will, so who knows...

I have google maps installed on a nokia 5800 (symbian s60), works ok online.

It also sort of works offline from cached data,  sometimes even for a few minutes, but sooner or later it becomes irksome and asks for a connection persistently. Sometimes if i select a network that isnt available (eg any network when up in the mountains), it buys me a few seconds offline time while it thinks about it.

Is there any way to patch or crack the google app so it works offline? eg either give it some sort of dummy network to suckle on, or crack the app itself to stop being online greedy, maybe by tweeking some timeout setting to 999999 seconds or similar..?

Instant genius for anyone who cracks this. Or at least 500 points.

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aman0711Connect With a Mentor Commented:
unfortunately its not possible to do it as of now.
This might help you:

try downloading nokia maps instead
You can download and install trekbuddy and create an atlas from google maps or another source with mobile atlas creator ( ...
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. Im just back from a trip i will check these workaround suggestions and come back. However im still maybe vainly waiting for google!
xeniumAuthor Commented:
i agree, for now its "no can do"
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