Your Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable - Outlook

This is a new network I have built and everything seems to be working except my outlook clients are not able to connect to the server. I get an error that the server is unavailable.

I noticed that when I create a new user account in ADCU it "supposedly" creates a mailbox as well. But When I check the Exchange System Manager under logons and mailboxes the new users are not created there.

On my client computer I run a "outlook /rpcdiag" and I get the following error

"The name could not be matched to a name in the address list."

I think this is mailbox related, but dont know how to troubleshoot. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thank you!
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In exchange 2003 after you have create a mailbox for the user a/c it is essential that an email is send to the use for the mailbox to be visible in exchange system amanger.

"The name could not be matched to a name in the address list."

try rebooting the Gc one after the another

also check if check name is working in outlook

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B HCommented:
ok you said rpcdiag... are your outlooks connected with RPC ?  if so, are they in the same network, or outside?

if outside, are ports 80 and 443 forwarded to the exchange server?
if inside, do they have the correct settings in the outlook-over-rpc area?

note: when making a new outlook profile, specifying the exchange server name and a user name WILL fail from the outside world, that's fine, go to 'more settings', connection, and hit the button at the bottom to configure exchange over rpc.  it'll say you have to restart outlook, you dont, just hit ok and then 'check name'.  assuming you have the right ports forwarded, and told your exchange system manager to accept rpc connections, it should be ok
Open ADUC, Right click user properties and go to 'Exchange Advanced' tab. Uncheck the box which states "Hide from Exchange Address list" and apply and save the changes.

Try to configure a profile for the user once again.

P.S: After creating a new user with a mailbox in Exchange 2003 using ADUC, you need to first either login into Outlook or OWA and send/receive at least 1 item for the mailbox instance to be created in the Exchange System Manager.
You can test this as well.

Let us know how it goes.
morarcAuthor Commented:
Lastlostlast - I went into Exchange Advance tab and the box "hide from Exchange Address list" is already unchecked. I cannot login to outlook period because when I open it I get the error in my original question. I am doing this in a vmware test environment with 2 domain controllers and exchange server and a workstation. I am trying to build a network but cant get this email portion to work.

v-9rijha - I cannot get into outlook period and I have rebooted everything.
morarcAuthor Commented:
Strangely rebooting everything worked.... Thank you for the very valuble information I greatly appreciate it!
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