How can I use HTML to show a welcome screen in a java application?

Dear Experts,

I can use JEditor or anything, haven't started the project yet!

I would like to use an HTML page as the WELCOME screen when the Java app is loaded.

I've seen many other software do this before, the HTML page would ideally be on my server for me to modify but placing it on their hard disk when they install the program is acceptable too.

How can I have a HTML perform options in the Java application? (open settings and run searches - basically do what JButtons do)

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DraceAuthor Commented:

Not exactly,

I want a JEditor Pane or an entire HTML page with Icons with hyperlinks on it (inside the application, think of it as the background when there are no open windows).

when the user clicks the Icon/Hyperlink they execute A Java command.

I already have the buttons and code, I just need to make a HTML page and link it to Jbutons.

I would only need to set Jbutton.doClick() but I don't know the part before that.

Peter HartCommented:
this comment I found:
"On IE4 or better, you can't call java.* methods directly from Javascript or Jscript. IE javascript can only access the public methods of an applet (a class derived from java.applet.Applet) but don't have a general access to other java classes . So the solution is simple, wrap the java.* call in a public method of a "dummy" Applet.
for the whole lot see..
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DraceAuthor Commented:

I don't get it.


Sounds to me like it's worrying about a Browser (IE or Firefox) and I don't have that concern.

I'm using a JAVA Application (not an applet) and I want to use HTML Icons and links to execute commands (jbutton commands) within the software

This has absolutely nothing to do with the internet or permissions , it has to do with JEditorPane.
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
DraceAuthor Commented:

No, I want to use an JEditor Pane to view HTML code which executes Java commands (simple ones like Jbutton.doClick() )
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:

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