Windows Server 2003 and WD1001FALS

Ok here is a stumper.  I have a 1TB drive that I want to attach via a sata port to my 2003 server.  THe server sees it attached however.  I cannot partition or format it at all, but if I take that same drive and attach it to a windows XP system it works just fine not an issue. So I format the drive (full size) and then create a folder and a text file and all is good.  I take the drive reattach it to the server 2003 machine, and it appears and the folder and file are there, so I delete everything and then create some new files and folders, (different names) so far so good. But when I reboot my server all the changes I made are gone an dthe orgiinal folder and file are back.  I can put it back in the wndows xp machine and delete the folder and the file reboot and my chages are saved.  I also have a simular issue with a VMware Virtual machine and an 850gb Virtual drive....  I think there is an issue with windows server 2003 (R2 SP2) but have not been able to pinpoint it.  I do have another server that is identical to the first one except it works fine...  Needless to say if I install server 2008 everything works great...
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Are you the owner of the drive when you connect it to Windows 2003?
lesterpenguinneAuthor Commented:
yes and I am an admin as well even when the drive is blank (no partitions) it lets me create one and seems to wrok ...until I reboot.  I also tried a USB to sata connector but same issue.
lesterpenguinneAuthor Commented:
Ok well after much frustration and expiermentation I was finallly abot to isolate what is causing the issue.  FYI for you folks out there who are using IBM's Tivoli Fastback manager the issue is when tivoli is installed on teh system it adds fbprep.sys to every harddrive driver and those installed afterwards. And if you rename teh fnprep.sys file it hoses you system and not even a lastknown good will bring it back you pretty much have to reinstalll windows.  I am closing this question with no points rewarded and am going to submit a ticket with IBM.

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Windows Server 2003

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