64 Bit Printer Servers and Visual Foxpro


Has anyone had any problems with 64 Printer servers and Visual Foxpro.  I have one client who can print documents from our program, but only one, then the printer locks up.  All printers in the system are supposed to run through the Printer server.
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pcelbaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If not VFP but the printer locks up then I wouldn't see it as VFP problem but printer driver problem. Unfortunately, this explanation does not help and as I know more and more problems are raising in VFP vs. new Windows environment and applications cooperation...

Possible solutions are:
1) VFP 9 extended support period did not finish yet, so you may ask Microsoft to fix this problem (this is paid service if VFP change is necessary).
2) Print to different output (e.g. file or PDF) and send this file to the printer server.
3) Use different report writer (e.g. CrystalReports) which is time consuming task.
fmoore0001Author Commented:
Thanks for the try, PCELBA

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