AD logging and SSL

I'm syncing CentOS LDAP and Microsoft AD.

Currently I have the CentOS pushing objects to AD over LDAP/389, but I want to use LDAPs/636.  My AD server is a CA, does anyone know how to get the CentOS server to trust the AD server?


I can review LDAP logs on the CentOS server regarding the sync, but I where should I look to see what is happening on the AD server?
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jwillekeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
how to get "CentOS server to trust the AD server?"

I do not CentOS, but most Linux implementations use OpenSSL for the underlying SSL transport. If CentOS does, then this should work:

How to see "hat is happening on the AD server"?

I wish I knew.

This is the best thing I have found and it is a hack:

We took this and did some scripting, but as it is NOT in real-time it is not much help in troubleshooting.

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