JQuery - Visual Image Preloading Effect

Hi Experts,

I followed a tutorial online for creating a visual image pre-loader. Essentially what it does is hides all the images on the page, loads them, and then fades them in one by one. I have the images placed in a 'frame' that have an animated gif as the background image, so there's a loading animation while the image is loading. Its a pretty slick effect, but its not working 100% correctly. Everything is working as intended, but sometimes the images will stay visible for 2-3 seconds, then disappear, then load and fade in. I need the images to get hidden right away so it actually looks like they are loading. I tried moving my code higher up in the source code thinking that would help, but it didn't.

I really appreciate any help on this one. I'm about 98% done with this site and then I can deliver to the client.

Thank you much.
<script type="text/javascript">
	$(function () {
		$('img').hide();//hide all the images on the page

	var i = 0;//initialize
	var int=0;//Internet Explorer Fix
	$(window).bind("load", function() {//The load event will only fire if the entire page or document is fully loaded
		var int = setInterval("doThis(i)",500);//500 is the fade in speed in milliseconds

	function doThis() {
		var images = $('img').length;//count the number of images on the page
		if (i >= images) {// Loop the images
			clearInterval(int);//When it reaches the last image the loop ends
		$('img:hidden').eq(0).fadeIn(500);//fades in the hidden images one by one
		i++;//add 1 to the count

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INSTEAD of this:
        $(function () {
                $('img').hide();//hide all the images on the page

have you tried hiding your images via css on your markup rather than waiting to hide() (via jQuery) upon document.ready?
<img style='display:none' ... />


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