How do i clone data on two different servers, one a data server. other application server?

i have 2 different servers that neeed to same data on all the time just not  at the same time per say? is there someway i can clone/sync data and be assured there is the same data on both servers?

server 1 - GP, SQL
server 2 - Data, exchange

both servers are different, fyi
MutogiIT ManagerAsked:
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when you say 'data' do you mean files, or sql database or exhcnage database.

files is 'somewhat' easy and there are a lot of apps to do this. sql a little different, exchange different again.

Please elaborate on your purpose
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
well what i need done is our GP server that has SQL also on it, crashed and need some hardware replaced. this put my company down for 2.5 days, i cant and will not let that happen again, not only GP but our webstore requires GP for pricing, invintory levels, and current products.

i need the ability to i guess of a FailOver abilty to switch to one or the other.

The data part is data as far as our exchange and pictures, pdf's, docx, and xlsx documents

approx data space for both is ~400MB.

the exchange is not really need to clone, because we have a perfect backup plan, that is backuped in 3 different locations every night.

the GP and SQL is the MOST important piece of the puzzle

We have a pretty good solution we use. We have Microsoft DPM. It takes a snapshot every 15 minutes of all changes on our servers. If you use it on a 2008 server it stores the snapshot as a vhd file. If we suffer a catastrophic hardware failure we can restore the backup to a Hyper-V host and only loose 15 minutes of data. We can be back live and running Dynamics within an hour. When the new hardware shows up we just V2P back and away you go.
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personally  i would look at this in two ways..
firstly - I would use an imaging/backup product like storage craft server to take 15minute snapshots of the server - then if there is a serious crash, it is very easy to recover to new hardware from the snapshots - you wont have 2.5days downtime next time - just the time to get the hardware and you can restore to a PC as an emergency.
secondly - you could replicate the sql databases to sql running on the second server. The problem you have is making sure the application can then be easily told to get its data from the other server when the first one goes down.
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Does DPM allow intervals like 15min to 1day if needed, we are looking for a really cheap solution, we dont make a bunch of money for the IT dept atleast.

is there someway to backup data and then restore on another computer/server??

all temporary of course?
Yes, you can adjust your snapshots form 15 min up to whatever. I am not sure the exact maximum. Yes, you can restore onto anything you like. The resore process is similar to windows backup. Not super awesome that way. The nice thing is that it stores your snapshots on disk so you can restore a whole server in minutes once you installed windows on the box to be restored if you are doing bare metal. The new version coming out soon will have some new restore options I think.

As for price..... I am sure it is not the cheapest solution on the market but it depends what other options you are looking at.
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
really looking for a none OS restore where i have 2 totally different server not even the same hardware, will that with snapshots?
It can but it is not well suited to dissimilar hardware restore. Restore to VHD is its best virtue there. It works like Windows backup or Backup Exec. The problem I have run into is that the solutions that are good at bare metal restores to dissimilar hardware are more geared toward image backup>image restore and are usually not good daily backup solutions. They are more geared for P2P hardware migrations. Like Symanted System Recovery for instance.  Maybe Storage Craft Server is a better solution for you such as Mutogi suggested. I am not familiar with that product.

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MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Apperently there are a few options, with that said ill have to mirror 2 like servers to get what i really want.

Thanks EVERYONE for the fast comments and will advised after completion.

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