Re-enabling copy and paste function in window environment

Dear all experts,

Recently I have encounted a very annoying problem caused by a website, probably due to the protection mechanism against copying. I hope someone can enlight me how to solve the problem.

As a part of my job, I have to visit our registered website for viewing  some schematic drawings (in tif format)  and take note my for data checking works, however,  we laterly found that web site has interupted many vital functions in windows such as  remote desktop, cut and copy of text....files.  

Among all of nasty interuptions, the most irksome is the text "Sorry. You cannot copy while viewing protected content." displayed when we are do some simple text editing and data entry works in excel, word, access or  moving files. Ironically, such type of so called protecting mechism do nothing against the screen capturing of the plans but only interupting our text based editing.

What I know about that interuption is caused by java applet for displaying the drawings and nothing more in details. Can anyone help in bring back the SIMPLE COPY and PASTE functions for my windows?

Thanks in advance
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Why do you think it is an applet?  Doesn't sound like it, applets are very restricted in what they can do to the local system
try two things

1. try reset yours browser setting to its default tehre should be option lilke restore defaul

2.and also scan this user profile with;contentAux

sometimes adwares can do this to you

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LawlordsAuthor Commented:
To objects:

Well, I still remember that the website required me to install the Java Virtua Machine before launching viewer of the content. Furthermore, I always see the Java coffee cup logo when waiting the applet to be loaded.

To all:

I think that was just part of the mechanism for protecting the images. The nasty interuptions ended immediately after the applet window closed.
B HCommented:
you might try this while you're being blocked:  start > run > clipsrv
that might restore copy/paste

other than that, you can use firefox ( with the NoScript addon, and selectively disable the script which causes the "protection", while still allowing the scripts that show the documents
LawlordsAuthor Commented:
Dear all,

Just further confirmed that the new popped up window is not part of the browser such as IE or Safari..... it is something standalone from the browser.

One thing just discovered after launched the clipboad (by start > run > clipbrd ) is that the program continues wash by clipboard by pasting "Sorry. You cannot copy while viewing protected content." in every 0.5 seconds.

Anyone got idea to stop a specific program to access my clipboard?

Thanks again for any comments posted
B HCommented:
you need to do one of the following:

1. disable java - but then the site itself probably wont work
2. disable the java script that is accessing your clipboard
   - for this, use firefox with the noscript addon, to selectively disable that script, see my post above
if its the applet then just stop trusting it (via the java control panel)
LawlordsAuthor Commented:
Well, I can't even open the login page in firefox. Could you please see this web site?
try installing chrome and us it

and also

do a system restore if copy paste function does not work in yours pc
LawlordsAuthor Commented:
Obviously it become a question how to stop java applet flooding the clipboard rather than re-enabling the copy and paste function, therefore I need to restart a new question to reflect the situation.

Furthermore, the brower has handover all the subsequent jobs to the ViewOne java based applet or something for the subsequent works (including the login page in java). I think further testing on the web brower or simply disabling the java would not be a solution to the problem.

Anyway, thanks again for the effort from all of you.
B HCommented:
i wont post this in your new thread because i see where you're going with that... but all you're going to get is things like "reinstall windows"

one note, now i see you're trying to enable a feature that is specifically disabled by a content provider for digital rights managment, but, at the same time it's your computer and they've taken too much access away from you to your own machine.

i went there with firefox, uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.
(Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

which might be ok if they're using a self-signed certificate, but i would expect any decent company to shell out the $20 for a "real" certificate.

anyway, i see that the site does use java just to be there, HOWEVER, it launches an active-x control, which installs a 3rd party program... and everything you do is done inside the program and no longer has anything at all to do with the browser

the program is AegisDRM "protector viewer 7.3.279".

without hacking the AegisDRM program itself, i don't see how it will be possible to re-enable your clipboard while this program is open.

now, i wonder what would happen if you used remote desktop to go to another computer, and then went to the site from within the remote desktop session?  clipboard is shared between local and remote, aegis will whack remote, but it might not whack the one you're sitting at.

i understand the goal is not to copy anything from the protected site, but you need to be able to copy/paste other things while this program is in the background.  if that's the case, the easiest answer might be to just get another computer (or netbook) solely for running the protected content, and do everything else from your main computer.

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