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Last Modified: 2012-05-09
This code works just fine,
Can anybody please explain only the line where



why is it that line like that?
what means  " option=com_vest&task=resultdetail "

Option Explicit 
Dim w_azv_cod As String, w_int_nam As String, w_pat_cod As String 

Private Sub Form_Load() 
  Dim a As Integer, w As String 
  Open "c:\tmp\azv_cod_txt.txt" For Input As #1 Len = 100 
  Input #1, w 
  w_pat_cod = Trim(w) 
  Input #1, w 
  w_azv_cod = Trim(w) 
  Input #1, w 
  w_int_nam = Trim(w) 
  Close #1 
  With Inet1 
      .Execute "https://www.mysite.com/index.php?option=com_vest&task=resultdetail '_blank'>https://www.mysite.com/index.php?option=com_vest&task=resultdetail", "POST", "txtrn=" + w_azv_cod, "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" 
  End With 
End Sub 
Private Sub Command1_Click() 
End Sub 
Private Sub Inet1_StateChanged(ByVal State As Integer) 
    Dim Result As Variant, LIN(7) As String, part As String, na As String 
    If State = 12 Then 
            part = Inet1.GetChunk(100, icString) 
            Result = Result & part 
        Loop Until Len(part) = 0 
        If InStr(1, UCase(Result), UCase("Er zijn geen verzekerden"), vbTextCompare) Then 
          na = "Relatie No. not registered." 
          Text1.Text = w_azv_cod 
          Text2.Text = w_int_nam 
          Text3.Text = na 
          Text4.Text = na 
          Text5.Text = na 
          Text6.Text = na 
          Text7.Text = na 
          LIN(1) = Split(Split(Split(Split(Result, "<table")(5), "</tr>")(1), "<b>")(1), "</b>")(0) 
          LIN(2) = Split(Split(Split(Split(Result, "<table")(5), "</tr>")(2), "<b>")(1), "</b>")(0) 
          LIN(3) = Split(Split(Split(Split(Result, "<table")(5), "</tr>")(3), "<b>")(1), "</b>")(0) 
          LIN(4) = Split(Split(Split(Split(Result, "<table")(5), "</tr>")(4), "<b>")(1), "</b>")(0) 
          LIN(5) = Mid(Result, InStr(1, UCase(Result), UCase("Deze informatie is geldig op:"), vbTextCompare) + 31, 60) 
          LIN(5) = Mid(LIN(5), InStr(1, LIN(5), "<b>") + 3, 11) 
          Text1.Text = w_azv_cod 
          Text2.Text = w_int_nam 
          Text3.Text = LIN(1) 
          Text4.Text = LIN(2) 
          Text5.Text = LIN(3) 
          Text6.Text = LIN(4) 
          Text7.Text = LIN(5) 
          ' MsgBox Split(Split(Split(Split(Result, "<table")(6), "</tr>")(1), "<b>")(1), "</b>")(0) & vbLf & _ 
          '        Split(Split(Split(Split(Result, "<table")(6), "</tr>")(2), "<b>")(1), "</b>")(0) & vbLf & _ 
          '        Split(Split(Split(Split(Result, "<table")(6), "</tr>")(3), "<b>")(1), "</b>")(0) & vbLf & _ 
          '        Split(Split(Split(Split(Result, "<table")(6), "</tr>")(4), "<b>")(1), "</b>")(0) 
        End If 
    End If 
End Sub 
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INET is Internet Transfer Control. It is used to execute a web url without the use of web browser.

option=com_vest&task=resultdetail  is query string.

it is the part of the url you are using to send the information to the web server.

For more information


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