logon script to change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy

Hi Experts

i have a 2003 domain controller having 1000 users in different OUs, and in different physical locations.

the default date format should be dd/mm/yyyy for all staff, some users having on the date format mm/dd/yy, and some having, dd/mmm/yy, and so on

if i decided to send an IT officier to change each pc to the proper date format. imagine how long time it will take + the cost

i need a help to forace all pc and thin clients to be changed to the correct 1, by logon script or what ever other possible solution like a group policy

kidnly waiting for your answer
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Shreedhar EtteCommented:
thabashAuthor Commented:

Its not clear

i found this solution

"Usually it depends on the regional settings of your system.
To change it manually you have to edit:

HKCU\Control Panel\International
You can do this in a ADM Template and import this to your GPO.

class user
category "regional settings"
policy "Change date format"
keyname "control panel\international"
part "change to:" edittext
valuename "sShortDate"
default "dd/mm/yyyy"
end part
end policy
end category

but how to make this template
pls advice
thabashAuthor Commented:
its solved my issue exactly as i want

many thaks to you
and special thanks to Expert Exchange for this website
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