Metro 2033 freeze at startup

Hi All,

I am trying to get the Metro 2033 working on my computer. I have windows 7 64 bit with the latest Nvidia drivers installed. I did all the task that is mentioned in the most of the forums, like installing directX, physix, c++ e.t.c.

Unfortunately it still doesn't work, i think i already tried everything.

Please help with an expert advise.

Thanks !
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Can you please post your specs?
Also, try this:

Browse to your this folder in your Steam path:
\Steam\userdata\(user id)\43110\remote
With your own user id.

In that folder you should find the Metro user.cfg file that the steam cloud saves locally. Open it and change the fullscreen value to off, then save the file.

Completely quit and restart Steam.exe so it grabs the updates from the user.cfg, and launch Metro.

It should launch in windowed mode. Go to the options menu, and change the Direct X value to 10, accept and quit.

Open the user.cfg file again, and change the fullscreen value back to on. Completely restart Steam again and launch the game.

If that doesnt work, maybe try this:

Delete or rename this file in your Metro 2033 folder. “content.upk0¿


xoperatorAuthor Commented:
windows 7
gtx 295
rampage 2 extreme 2
intel i7 920
3 GB 1866 DDR3

i think its enough to play the game .. i'v tried all you have mentioned but it's still doesn't work.
It's a Razor 1911 relesase by the way so i dont actulally have steam installed on my computer.

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Oh...Well you better try installing it through Steam, that might be your problem. I got MW2 and tried to install it without steam crashed every time. Uninstalled it, ran the install through Steam, works great now.
xoperatorAuthor Commented:
I can't install it through Steam, i need the right serial numbers for that ... That the whole idea of Razor 1911.
So youre complaining that you have issues with a non-legit game? ....
xoperatorAuthor Commented:
Yep :)
xoperatorAuthor Commented:
if it was legit, i wouldn't be complaining ...
Cant help ya then. I dont know enough about cracked games. However, you may want to try a new .exe file for your cracked version. Try this site:

Make sure to check for viruses before you replace the .exe and back up your old exe before you do.

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xoperatorAuthor Commented:
Ok, ill try this, thanks a lot !
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