Itunes and multiple accounts

I have an iPhone which I dock to our 'home' computer:  Windows PC with XP Professional.

My wife has pre ordered an iPad (should arrive today), which she will also want to dock to our 'home' computer.

Is it possible to have multiple iTunes accounts on the same computer?

Is there are good tutorial or explanation of how to do this?  link?

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Anthony MellorConnect With a Mentor Chartered AccountantCommented:
as an alternative you could instead create a second user account on your mac and in that second user account use your second itunes i.d

Using two i.d. s in the same user means all content is downloaded into the same library and shared as one.

Using separate mac user accounts (system prefs / users) means each itunes user library is lept separate as between mac users.

So, if you want to share all content, use the same mac user account and have two (or more) user i.d.s on itunes that you log in and out of.

If you want all content separate, create separate user accounts on your mac, and log in to each itunes user account from each mac user.

There is a third option which is (in any mac user), hold down the alt key and then click on itunes to load it, you will be presented with the choose itunes librarry dialogue: from this you can Quit, Create New Library, Choose an existing library : so again this is anotherv way to manage multiple libraries whether for the same or different users.

Which method will work best for you depends on how separate you want your content(s).

Personally I use a different library for my video content and my music content, and I use two itunes i.d. s with my video content.



Anthony MellorChartered AccountantCommented:
I have two - all I do is log out of one user and log back in as the other - via the "store menu"

Anthony MellorChartered AccountantCommented:
oh yes, of course each itunes user may or may not have a credit card associated with it for payments and be associated with only one country.
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