CMOS Battery location Toshiba A200-1YO

Does anyone know the location of the CMOS battery on a Toshiba Satellite A200-1YO laptop? I have access to the system board and think I can see the battery but cannot see how to remove it without risking damage.
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I don't know this particular model, but you usually need something like a thin piece of plastic to get under the battery and kinda pop it out.  At east that has been my experience.  I've even used a flat head screwdriver...gently though...not that gently makes it any better.  lol
Usually, The battery is sort of clipped between the two steel plates that act as the terminals. This clips are soldered to the board.  If you want to remove the battery, there are two ways to go. You either have to desolder the terminals form the board or break the clippings. If you are just removing the battery for a while hoping to clear a CMOS password settings, then desolder one terminal only and then solder it back after the set time period. If however you are considering changing the battery totally, then you may have to opt for opening the clips which may be a very difficult task. Whichever way you want to go, please keep in mind that you need to be really good at soldering to go forward else, just send it back to toshiba ..

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The battery is located under the top cover and will require some disassembly of the laptop to get to.
Here is a guide to take your laptop model apart.
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It looks like it may need to be desoldered in order to remove it. If in fact this is to reset a password, removing the battery will not do the job. The password is held in a security chip which doesn't need power to hold it.
grapey100Author Commented:
The reason I wanted to change the cmos battery was to see if I could get the laptop to power up. Currently it won't even display the Toshiba startup splash screen. The power and hard drive lights come on and the CD light flashes bit but then nothing happens.
I have tested the power cable and that's okay
Anyone have any ideas?
The CMOS battery should be replaced back.

Did you get the s[plash screen before the battery was removed?
Remove your battery and test the laptop with AC input only.
I would also reset  the RAM and use one stick at one time.

The splash screen must be seen. If you dont get it means there could be
an issue with the LCD panel or the connections to it, a dead inverter or the CCFL tube.
Remove all the peripherals and test to see if you can see the flash screen.

Alos, ensure the wiring connection to the LCD is OK. Try to reset the video cable. It may help.
Worst scenario could be a LCD which is one the verge of breakdown or the inverter circuit
has gone dead.

Attach an external monitor and see if you are able to get video on to the monitor
if you get out put on the monitor it will imply the fault lies with the LCD unit.

Need to test and observe results..

grapey100Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried an external monitor but no signal is getting to it as it is on stanby all the time. I did try FN + F5.
I don't think it is the monitor because, after a second or two, there is no noise or any flashing lights at all coming from the laptop, which is what I would expect if the laptop were starting up okay.
grapey100Author Commented:
Have taken a different route now and replaced the laptop as the need to work on the exisitng data was urgent. Thanks for all the comments.
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