Major printing delay w/HP psc 1350

My inlaws have an HP psc 1350. Scans and copies with out delay, but when you try and print the document sits in the print queue for about 15 minutes before printing.

I deleted and reinstalled the printer, didn't fix the issue. Any thoughts?
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ChickensaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does this happen with any computer that attempts to print to the printer?  Is there any kinda of error message in the WIndows Event Logs or on the printer intself?  How are you connecting to the printer?  Is it via IP address, USB etc?

If all computers have the issue then it's more than likely the printer.  Does it sound like it's warming up because that can cause a delay.  Does it make any sound that may indicate a problem with the hardware?  Someties the arms that spin the rollers don't quite connect and take a few mins.  

If you are connecting through USB, try moving it to another port on the computer and try another cable as well.  If you are using it via IP (wired or wireless), I would try a different ethernet cable for the printer or just resetting the wireless router and the printer.  YOu can also try using a USB cable over network connection just as a test.
ThePATMAN26Author Commented:
Sorry - should have given more detail.

Delay only happens on this system. Prints immediatelly w/other system.
Connected via USB. Tried it on a different port, same problem.
Well based no the info, I believe we have it narrowed down to the computer software somewhere and not the hardware.  Don't know the O/S but go into the Properties of the printer (not the queue window you have to right click and go into properties).  We want to check a few bidrectional printing turned on?  What about enable print spooling?  Is it set to print after last page is spooled or print immediately?  You may even want to double check the printer settings on this machine against one of the ones that are working ok to make sure they are configured the same way.
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