Saving settings on the vba forms

Dear all,

In many cases, I have to do some settings (e.g. text size, starting number) in the form before execution the programme. However, that would be very tiring if I need to redo the same setting wheneven I restart the form in different documents. Is it possible to save the setting in the memory, file or registry?

Thanks very much
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Look into SaveSetting, GetSetting and DeleteSetting functions. It will give you a fairly easy way to save some data in the registry for reading the next time your program loads.
Whilst it is certainly possible to save setting to the Registry it is not a brilliant idea as it is not portable so others cannot make use of the file. The other main problem is that in most work environments access to the Registry is intentionally blocked.

Having said that attached is a small file with a macro that saves data to the Registry. Hope it helps.


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LawlordsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Frosty555 :

 I finally know how to save, get and the delete the settings by those functions after research from various websites.

Thanks patrickab:  

Your sample file really give me a quick help in applying the functions. I was quite confused by reading the technical websites before getting the real example.
Lawlords - Thanks for the grade - Patrick
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