cannot connect to virtual machine

i have the following situation:
Windows 2008 R2 server with Remote Desktop Web Access.
On the Windows 2008 R2 server i have 2 virtual machines.
The server is connected to the internet true a linksys router.
My laptop is also connected true the router to the internet.

When i want to connect to a virtual machine from my laptop using the ip of my router: https:\\84.24.XX.XXX i get a connection and can also login to my virtual machine.
Also other computer that are connected to my router can login to the virtual machine.
But when somebody else anywhere in the world will login to the virtual machine using https://84.24.XX.XXX he will get the message that the remote desktop web access site cannot find the virtual machine.

Can somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong.
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B HCommented:
it seems like you dont have the proper ports forwarding to your virtual machine on the linksys

some common ports you might want to enable and forward:
80 - web traffic into the server
443 - secure web traffic into the server (https)
987 - "companyweb"
3389 - remote desktop


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eliza111197Author Commented:
i can make a forward for example port 3389 to ip but not the same port to
My linksys tells me that i cannot make a duplicate port forward.
eliza111197Author Commented:
i found a way to forward the ports to my virtual machines.
So i forward 3389 to my virtual machine and to my server
And i forward 987 to my server.

But nothing works.
you are trying to hit multiple ip address's with remote desktop.
First off, all IP's in play must either be static or reserved by DHCP, if they change, things will break
I didn't see Remote Desktop Gateway mentioned, this would probably be the best option, you would have to allow port 443 to hit your win 2008 server.  check out this link and set it up so that RDG adn RDWA are installed on the same server.

you'll either have to purchase a firewall with more capabilities to allow forwarding of a single port to multiple IP's based on the fully qualified domain name.  

install ISA on your windows server and forward all needed traffic though the lynksys to the ISA server and then on to the remote hosts.
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