Linksys By Cisco Media Hub with LCD NMH400

I have a Linksys By Cisco Media Hub with LCD NMH400 which I plan on selling...How do I ensure that all my files get removed prior to selling the hub.  Linksys said if I reset the hub it will clean the drive.  Is this correct ?
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JParker505Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It will clean the drive......but the information will still  be recoverable

The real question is how worried are you about the info you currently store on your device?

The only way to ensure destruction of your data is to physically destroy the HDD but it sounds like you want to sell the device so this is my recommendation.

1. Delete all your files with file shredder

Under shredder settings algorithm DOD is the defualt you can also choose Guttman (35 passes) if your really security conscious. Guttman will take a extremely long time because it overwrites the drive 35 times

2.  Reset your device

3.  Fill your device with some junk files

4. Reset your device again

Your information will be deleted to the point the majority of people will not be able to recover it.. Im sure the NSA and CIA have some recovery methods to find your data but your decision really depends on how paranoid you are..

pbo1Author Commented:
Worked great...thanks for the reference..
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