Zend installation on Remote server

I dont have experience with command line PHP.
I want to get to grips with Zend but need to do this on a shared hosting environment. Is there some simple way that i can extract the application, upload and configure it manually?

Also is there any good newbie type resources..
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nbandanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi jdav357,

Before you can do anything on the shared remote server you have to make sure it is first installed. You can check if it is installed by checking your php.ini file or by calling your hosting provider. If it is not installed then you will need to contact your hosting company and ask if 1) If Zend is permitted for installation and 2) What are the instructions for installing it.

Assuming that the hosting provider lets you install it on their server you now have a working Zend engine. To replicate the shared hosting environment you can download the same engine and install it on your computer. To install on your local computer more download instructions are available here: http://www.zend.com/en/

Once you've installed the engine on your computer there should be no differences between your local version and the shared hosting version.

The biggest hurdle is getting your hosting service provider to install Zend Engine. Good luck!
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