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Sony Desktop(VGC RC110G ) Screen saver

XP - media center edition  
This computer has a screen saver that runs prior to loggin in.  It has sound.  It is driving me crazy.  
It is not the Windows screen saver I have active that runs once I am logged in.  
It kicks on around the 10 minute mark after power on.  I cannot find anything in the BIOS and no obvious files ANYWHERE - Windows directory (or any sub directories).
Looking forward to a genius coming to my rescue.
I have worked on this for months (a few minutes at a time).  
1 Solution
Start msconfig from "run", and disable startup items that look like they could be the screensaver, then reboot and check if it is better.
rhwalAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late response... I have tried this and searching the registry at a cursory level.  I don't have time to dig deep.  
There is nothing in the start up that gives me a clue to what is running this iratating thing.  Of course once I touch a key or the mouse it terminates and I have no obvious entry in task manager's list of running processes.  
At this point I am not sure if it is unique to Sony or to Windows XP Media Center Edition...
It loops though full motion video with a rather powerful audio file playing.  The video includes what appears to be a Farmer's market (outside of the U.S.), secenery of bodies of water, fields, forest and cities.  
This is also irratating due to being in this field (computer support/programming) for more than 25 years.
I keep thinking that I should be able to find this thing. (Sorry for venting).  
Download and run hijackthis, then attach the output you get here as a file or code snippet:

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rhwalAuthor Commented:
I will run this Sunday afternoon.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
have you uninstalled Sony® VAIO® Original Screen Saver Program which comes with it
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
If it is a screensaver, searching for *.SCR with system and hidden files being shown ought to reveal it.  VAIOMOV.SCR is one flavor of their "Sony Original Screensaver".  Renaming it will stop it from running.
Autoruns ( http://majorgeeks.com/Autoruns_d4686.html ) is the most comprehensive list of Windows startups there is and you can delete or disable entries with it.
The neatest solution would be to install the newer version of the screensaver and then uninstall it after a reboot: http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu-download.pl?mdl=VGCRC110G&upd_id=1987&os_id=16
Remember to put MSCONFIG back into normal startup mode or you will not see all of the startup items and will have problems resulting from it being in a selective state in the future.
Can you access the problem computer from another computer on the network? Do you have administrative rights?  Use sysinternal tools on the remote computer to determine what files are running before you logon;


in command window use :
Pslist \\remoteProblemComputer -u UserName -p Password -x

rhwalAuthor Commented:
I think I found it.  Testing now.
rhwalAuthor Commented:
25 years doing IT and did not even think of uninstalling a screen saver that was not active.
I guessed incorectly that the Sony SS would have yo be active to run at all.

Thanks for the help...

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