How to Convert Degrees, Minutes & Seconds to Google Earth format in SQL Server 2008 Database

I have Longitude and Latitude data imported into SQL Server 2008. The issue I am facing is converting this into a format which can be used with the Google Earth Plugin in C#. The expected data type is Double for example longitude(4.039), latitude(3.490), however the rows in the database are in the format of degrees, minutes and seconds for example 50:22:109. I need an sql query which will convert all the rows to the correct Double format. I am unsure of the maths or sql query that would give the desired output.

This is an example row from my table
bssid                     latitude           longitude
002222444e33     50:22:109       4:08:166
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MazingTreeAuthor Commented:
I have discovered that the figures in the database are actually only degrees and minutes therefore the above example is 50degrees and 22.109minutes. so I just need a query which will go through the rows and convert values using the maths below
degrees + (seconds/60) which would be 50 + (22.109/60) for the above example

Select z.*
      ,latdeg+latmin/60 as googlat
      ,longdeg+longmin/60 as googlong
  from (
select y.*
      ,convert(float,left(latitude,latpos-1)) as latdeg
      ,convert(float,replace(right(latitude,datalength(latitude)-latpos),':','.')) as latmin
      ,convert(float,left(longitude,longpos-1)) as longdeg
      ,convert(float,replace(right(longitude,datalength(longitude)-longpos),':','.')) as longmin
  from (
select x.*
      ,charindex(':',latitude,1) as Latpos
      ,charindex(':',longitude,1) as Longpos
  from yourtable as x
        ) as y
        ) as z
You may try following formula:
select cast(LEFT(longitude, CHARINDEX(':', longitude)-1) AS numeric(10,5))+
       cast(replace(substring(longitude, CHARINDEX(':', longitude)+1, len(longitude)), ':', '.') AS numeric(10,5))/60 AS LongitudeNumeric, 
       cast(LEFT(latitude, CHARINDEX(':', latitude)-1) AS numeric(10,5))+
       cast(replace(substring(latitude, CHARINDEX(':', latitude)+1, len(latitude)), ':', '.') AS numeric(10,5))/60 AS LatitudeNumeric
  from YourTable

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Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees Latitude/Longitude Conversions

Try these queries:

SELECT CONVERT(int,SUBSTRING(latitude,1,2)) + (CONVERT(decimal(5,3),(SUBSTRING(latitude,4,2) + '.' +
SUBSTRING(latitude,7,3))))/60.0 FROM YourTable WHERE bssid = '002222444e33';

You can also write this as:

SELECT CAST(SUBSTRING(latitude,1,2) AS int) + (CAST(SUBSTRING(latitude,4,2) + '.' + SUBSTRING(latitude,7,3) AS decimal(5,3)))/60.0 FROM YourTable WHERE bssid = '002222444e33';

The degrees should be 2 digit one, minutes 2 digit one and seconds 3 digit one.

If it is like the data that you have given:

SELECT CASE latitude WHEN LENGTH(SUBSTRING(latitude,1,2)) = 2 THEN CAST(SUBSTRING(latitude,1,2) AS int) + (CAST(SUBSTRING(latitude,4,2) + '.' + SUBSTRING(latitude,7,3) AS decimal(5,3)))/60.0
CAST(SUBSTRING(latitude,1,1) AS int) + (CAST(SUBSTRING(latitude,4,2) + '.' + SUBSTRING(latitude,7,3) AS decimal(5,3)))/60.0
FROM YourTable WHERE bssid = '002222444e33';

You can write similarly for CONVERT. Also add one more i.e. longitude based expression similarly to SELECT list. I have not given it myself since it will look too complex.


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MazingTreeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help everyone, all very useful information
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