whats up gold vs solarwinds npm

I have been asked to make a comparison between wug premium and orion npm.
i need advantages and disadvantages - if anyone has experience whith any of them
and can make remarks or if someone has made this comparison lately - please help.
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Serge FournierAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
we use whats up gold at my business
there is a call on my pager when the network is in trouble
otherwise i receive an email

it monitor a lot of services and servers online status (5-6 servers, 10-20 services)

the only disavantage i saw, is when whats up gold itself is in trouble, i dont receive any call for anything

thoses watch system are based on another system: windows
so it's as good as the platform itself

if i would have to do it again, i would buy hardware kit without a hard disk in it to watch my network and services

i dont know if it exist ;)

I have used both SolarWinds and WUG many yrs ago. I also support customers using WUG or SolarWinds. However I never use Orion extensively. I download a trial version a couple yrs ago and use it for 1 week.

This is my impression of the two products, base on things I know a few yrs ago:

SolarWinds can keep historical data, which is very useful to identify problem of network errors, delay, bandwidth bottleneck etc. It also have many other tools included in their toolset, which is very useful for engineers who know what they are doing to dig deep to identify problem. I can use it to support many different customers.

WUG can create a topology map, which itself can have sub-map. If there is any problem with any device, the color will change. It is good for entry level people to watch the map and quickly locate devices that have problem. It is particular useful for customers who have a large network. It is not practicle to support multiple cusotmers with this.

Both products can generate alerts. I can have it send email to my mobile phone. The difference is with SolarWinds, you have to know exactly where the device is and what role it have on the whole network. WUG make it very easy to locate the device which have problem, but difficult to isolate the cause of the problem, or pin point performance issues.

Over the yrs, both products improve a lot and the differences are much narrow now.
WUG is buggy as hell. we used to use it but changed to "bast monitoring"
Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring

Identify excessive bandwidth utilization or unexpected application traffic with SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack.

not used orion but WUG is really bugalicious :) try www.bastmonitoring.com/server-monitoring they also offer workstation monitoring for $1 a workstation. they're good because they do it all for you so you dont have to worry in case you get it wrong

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One more tip - if you rely on the monitoring software to send you alert, you need to have a backup plan. The monitoring software, the workstation that run the monitoring software, the network (LAN, firewall, router), your ISP, the mail server etc. - all can fail. You need to have a plan what you can do if any of these fail. This is what I do:

Have a mutral agreement with one of my customer who also have monitoring software to monitor each other's monitoring system.

I also setup an alert to send out each morning a 7am that everything is working fine. If I do not get that email on my mobile phone, something is wrong.
thats true.
I like the idea of a morning message, that way you know that in the worst case scenario its working at least 24 hours ago. i guess it depends on the level of cover you need and what your budget is.
i really dont like the idea of monitoring someone elses site though... bit of a big security hole - not least in the trust relationship, but also ports you would need to open.
stafiAuthor Commented:

Thank you all for your comments

To barryDo - you say "WUG is buggy as hell." can you elaborate ? i mean: what was the main bugs
that make you move to another solution ?


To GuruChiu: you gave good information in your first post yet i cant really use it as its not up to date


To wildboy85: For how long wug is working for you ? - if you had the chance to replace wug would you consider this option ?
hey there, well the most important thing, was sometimes it didn't alert when state changes occurred (ie: a device would alert on going down, but then not up. other times vice versa) pretty significant stuff.

why don't you do a free trial? see how you feel about it.

i dont like it though - i've not tried orian. based on my experiences with WUG, i'd take solar winds.

still, check out bast monitoring, i can't fault the experience we've had with them so far - really happy. i'm sure they'll sort you out with a free trial if you ask - that's what we did initially.

check out SCOM, that's supposed to be good, but its not a managed solution...
the thing to do in my opinion, is to build a business needs list then see if each one ticks all the boxes. then do a trial based on that. then of the ones that pass the trial, chose the ones that have the most other benefits not in the business need list such as cost, extra features, reliability, etc...
good luck :o)
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