how to extract .BIN file

I have downloaded a file called  xxxxxx.BIN, how to extract? I can excute  the script, but I need to now how to extract as well?
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tty2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all check the type of the file with

file xxxxxx.BIN

You may also look at contents of the file with any binary editor, such as hexedit, ghex, hexcurse and many others, and determine the type of the file from first few bytes, according to files' signature table
If it is executable, run it, as arnold mentioned, with

sh xxxxxx.BIN

or with

. ./xxxxxx.BIN
What is this .bin for? Is it firmware?
You should not need to "extract" anything. If it is firmware, some other firmware flashing utility *uses* this .bin file.

What script are you talking about?
mokkanAuthor Commented:
Del firmware script which I downloaded it. I did it in the past and forgot now.
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Del? Del what?
What is the name of the "script"?
Is this something you should redownload to get the latest version?
Most firmware I have seen includes 2-3 files in a zip--the .bin file, a utility to flash the new firmware to the device, and sometimes a readme.
sh script.bin
mokkanAuthor Commented:
Thank you it works.
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