How do I unfreeze the Windows Advanced Options Menu screen?

Whenever I reach a Windows Advanced Options Menu screen by repetitively pressing F8 while booting up in order to try to choose the Safe mode option, the screen is frozen on the highlighted choice of “Start Windows Normally” and neither pressing <enter> nor trying to use the cursor to reach the Safe Mode choice will work.  My operating system is Windows XP.  

I have no idea whether there is some magical key combination that will release the freeze or some file that needs to be altered to enable keys to function.  This used to be a fully functional screen allowing the use of any of the choices on that screen.  An additional question might be whether there is any other way to boot into safe mode except from that screen?

Thank you
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Aj8787Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's How:
1.Click on Start and then Run.

2.In the text box in the Run window, type msconfig and click OK. This will open the System Configuration Utility program.

Note: Do not make changes in the System Configuration Utility other than those outlined here to avoid causing serious system issues. This utility controls a number of startup activities other than those involved with Safe Mode.

3.Click on the BOOT.INI tab located at the top of the System Configuration Utility window.

4.Check the checkbox next to /SAFEBOOT and click OK.

5.You will then be prompted to either Restart, which will restart the PC immediately, or Exit Without Restart, which will close the window and allow you to restart the PC manually.

6.After the restart, the PC will automatically boot into Windows XP Safe Mode.

Note: Windows XP will continue to boot into Safe Mode until the System Configuration Utility is configured to again boot normally.

7.When your work in Safe Mode is complete, click on Start and then Run. Type msconfig in the text box and click OK.

This will again open the System Configuration Utility program.

8.Choose the Normal Startup radio button and click OK.

9.You will then be prompted to either Restart, which will restart the PC immediately, or Exit Without Restart, which will close the window and allow you to restart the PC manually.

10.After the restart, the PC will boot into Windows XP normally and will continue to do so.
Sometimes when troubleshooting a Windows XP issue, you need to enter Safe Mode. Typically, you would press the F8 key during the boot process to enter Windows XP Safe Mode but that can be very difficult in some cases depending on the problem you're having
rsuess1Author Commented:
OK,  I understand the process described above and will need a little time to digest the steps listed and follow them.  But could I also ask whether there is a way to correct that Advanced Options Menu screen freeze to allow the keys to function in that environment?
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optomaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Power down/unplug the machine for 5mins.
Plug it back in and try again.

Any reason to get into other modes?
edbedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is probably happening because you are using a USB keyboard.  Check the BIOS settings for a Legacy USB setting and make sure it is enabled.
Other things you can try is to update the BIOS or use a ps2 keyboard.
John JenningsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
I chalk it up to a USB keyboard as well. The drivers for USB devices tend to be loaded last.

edbedb has the answer for you here. :)
rsuess1Author Commented:
OK, I see the solutions to this problem of my block to getting into and out of Safe mode which I am now able to do.
I am actually having a problem with my kernal32.dll file and thought I could solve it in Safe mode but was not able to do so.  So  I will close this question and award its points and pose the new question regarding the kernal32.dll question.  Thank you all.
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