Trouble Restoring a Firefox Extension (Clippings) from Backup (FEBE extension)

I'm currently using Firefox version 3.6 on a Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. One of my favorite extensions is called "Clippings" and I am on version 3.1.1. The only major problem with this extension is that, unless I am missing it, there is no way to save, edit, or delete anything you do, for any of the clippings.

Several times in the past I wound up accidentally inserting a few characters into a clipping that was 100 lines of text and, poof - all the text lines were gone leaving only the few characters I put in. When this happened, the only option was to go back to the backup copy and reload it.

Then, about six months ago I started using another one of the Firefox extensions called "FEBE" which performs automatic backups of a number of things on Firefox, including the extensions. It has saved my butt several times.

However, this time, there is a real mystery. Today, April 3, I wound up again accidentally deleting a very long clipping. I went back to FEBE, found that the last backup for Clippings was from April 1. I performed the typical "restore activity" from within FEBE, thinking this would restore everything to the way it was on April 1. After the restore, I shut down and reopened Firefox, as is required.

Imagine my disappointment upon completing the backup, when I went to the clipping that I had accidentally overwritten, only to find the same overwritten clipping, consisting of only a few characters. How could a backup from April 1 have a clipping that was changed on April 3?

At this point I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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Maybe that was an April's joke? Are you sure you didn't just restore the extension without the data? FEBE allows you to backup and restore all sorts of things selectively. If you select just the extension when restoring something you'll only have the extension and not the data. If you need all the data, you'd have to restore the whole Firefox profile using FEBE (provided you also backed up the whole profile in the first place).
photoman11Author Commented:
That definitely could have been an April fool's joke! I guess I'm not totally sure of all the things that FEBE does.

I've attached a screenshot of the FEBE backup, showing where the clippings file is. I also included a couple questions on it, because I'm not sure if this is the right file.

Are you saying that if I have 99 extensions, and I have a problem with one of them that I need to restore from backup, I need to restore the entire profile of the 99 extensions?

Please let me know what you think. Thanks for your help.
It depends on the extension and what it does. The xpi file itselfis the extension only, without any data you may have saved when using that extension. The data is stored somewhere else in your firefox profile. Usually that will be within the directory that gets made when the extension is installed.

When I use FEBE to restore my extensions, that is only so that I don't have to go and download all of them again, and maybe forget one of them. As those extensions which I use don't really hold any data that I have entered, that's all which is necessary for me. But in your case that extension is used to store some data that you input. So for that you would have to restore the firefox profile using FEBE, as that includes any data along with all extensions etc. But in order to be able to restore a profile you would also have had to use FEBE to save the complete profile.
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photoman11Author Commented:
Am I correct in assuming that since I also want data, what I should do is restore the full profile if I have a problem like this in the future?

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photoman11Author Commented:
This did not turn out well! I went through the entire process and the only thing that resulted was my two hours consolidation and maintenance on my bookmarks that I performed a week ago are not there (expected, since I restored to a month ago), but the messed up clippings is still messed up.

So I don't know what happened. But I'm quitting while I'm behind. This is way too aggravating.
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