Please advice me what is the best way to get rif of malware, virus, etc. In this moment among others I have TAZEBAMA.DL_ family
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Anytime I get a virus I always do a complete reinstall.  You never know what the virus has done / is doing that your virus scanner isn't picking up on.  Back up your essential files and do a clean install.

But if you're against that, boot to Safe Mode and run the virus scan.  Depends what OS you're on for the other steps.  Often times you have to disable system restore to remove them.  This is in your system properties.  

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Also, run a registry cleaner.  I run Eusing Free Registry Cleaner.  Seems to do an alright job.
See this previously answered question. rpggamergirl is our top malware expert on EE -- trust her advice.  http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Theory/Software-Design/Q_24535810.html
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I would recommend comobfix in the first place, But you must disable all startup items, to do so:
- Click Start -> Run -> type msconfig -> goto startup tab and disable all items.
- Click Servie -> hide all MS services and disable all the others.

Now run Combofix after reading instructions available on this site:

If your system is badly infected, Combofix might reboot your system and get then a log file will pop up, Please attach it here.

Reboot to safemode after downloading Smitfraudfix to your desktop from the following link

A log file might be created too in C: root directory, Attach it here.

When done run Malware bytes and check if you get any infections found?

If your system is infected with a pest, malware, trojan, or virus your system will behave unexpectedly.  The best method to attempt resolution is to completely rule out the operating system by bypassing it.  To do so, you will need a rescue CD.  There are several that are out there, you might be able to create one, there are instructions and sites that can assist with that.  But the easiest way is to use a product that is FREE, and I have used successfully for several of my clients and on many workstations.

BitDefender (FREE Downloadable Rescue CD).  Available Here.

Instructions on the product.

Hope this helps.

PS.  This may sound like a "canned" response, it just might be.  However, it is the easiest and most effective method to resolve a situation like this.
Can you download from the internet?
If so scan with malwarebytes
Install Mcafee Total Protection 2010.
Do not download any paid anti virus until you have solved the problem. Most likely you will have to uninstall it after the clean and reinstall it anyways. there are also many free scanners that will do very good.
Please follow willcomp's good advice which is using the tools MalwareBytes and or ComboFix' ... and attach the ComboFix log here so we can check to make sure it's clean.

Sometimes we need to use ComboFix script function to remove any bad file/driver/reg entries that aren't removed in its first run.

Smitfraudfix hasn't been updated for almost a year so it won't remove recent nasties....

@ willcomp:
Thanks for the kind words.
In addition to the other great suggestions posted; if they all fail, try creating a bootable antivirus CD. If that doesn't fix it, then you've got some serious problems. It's always good to keep on hand at anytime:
jdjmorenoAuthor Commented:
Actually I use both selected comments because after I got my computer cleanned the malware came back.(I wonder why?) So I used  the combofix solution but then I installed the SPANISH AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS which until now has been working nicely.  Thank you to every body whom gave me a lot of help.  Actually, I am from Venezuela.
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