boot from san windows 2003 installation hung at writing start up files to san partition

I am trying to install Windows 2003 in a boot from SAN configuration. I can get the install to start and get all the way to seeing the assigned LUN partition, however when windows attempts to write the setup files to the attached storage it fails with the error "However, this disk does not contain a Windows-compatible partition".
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RetalixUSAConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
sorry, I have been busy building out this environment. the issue was that even after removing one HBA to enable writing to the SAN space it was not the HBA that was set to boot from. So it would copy the files over, but would not be able to boot as the boot HBA was not the same. Once I fixed that issue it is good to go. All in all though still prefer booting from a local disk. A lot points of failure...
looks like you do not have write access to the LUN. If you are using a switch, check zoning permissions.  Also check your HBA to make sure it is not restricting write access.
RetalixUSAAuthor Commented:
figured it out. The issue was that there were two WWPN's able to access the lun, however in the BIOS their was only one for the HBA. Once I removed the (B) side of the fabric and changed the zone to only one WWPN for the Clariion it was able to write to the disk. The problem I am having now is that the install is stuck in an infinite loop. It copies over the files, then reboots...and begins the whole process over again. Any help is appreciated.

All in all...boot from san is not impressive.
You can't and shouldn't necessarily blame the SAN for the reboots.  This problem could be a lot of things, but I would first concentrate on figuring out what works and what doesnt.

can the pc boot the same image from a local disk drive?  Is this a windows-specific problem (try booting a LINUX O/S just to see).   Since you are doing a SAN install, don't forget about the F6+driver thing.
Handy HolderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
What HBA are you using? Windows boot from SAN can be a pain as you need the SCSIport drivers to run setup and then have to upgrade the drivers to Storport once it's installed. Several instances of booting loop happen but you need to tell us which HBA you're using.

A workaround is to install on local disk and put correct storport drivers in, then image this to the SAN.
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