Microsoft Access 2007 Rounding Numbers Frustration

I have a database that performs simple accounting. The problem that I am running into is that it stores many decimal places even though it is only displaying 2. This is a problem because when I add many calculated fields together, frequently the fractions of a cent stored in the database add up to a cent, and the calculation is off by a cent!

To fix this, I am using the round([fldMoney]+0.000001,2) function to round off to the nearest cent before doing the calculation and it seems to be working. If anyone has an easier suggestion let me know.

However, my real problem is this number: 480018.10

If I enter this number into a field that is set as a Single, Format Currency, 2 decimal places, it automatically changes it to 480018.09375 -- which gets rounded to 480018.09

I've tried it on several fields of my database and they all do it, so it isn't a bug on the one field, it's something to do with Access. Anyone know how to fix this?
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lee555J5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Why do you not use the Currency data type for you money fields? That is what it is for.
Correction: *your* money fields
Also, you can control your decimal places in the table definition once you select a field to use the currency data type.
netmergenceAuthor Commented:
Bingo! I had no idea...
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