Please tell me how to stop RUNDLL32 from executing every time I close the IE browser.

My OS is Windows XP Pro SP3.

My browser is IE 8, Version 8.0.6001.18702IC

I've search the web and e-e for an answer, but none of the posts I've crossed address this specific issue.

From one helpful website,, I learned about the WMIC command that lists all of the running processes and their associated parameters.  I ran that command, and in the code window (below) I've pasted that command line and its output that pertains to the subject RUNDLL32 process.  It indicates to me that the RUNDLL32 process is running (as 32 bit executable) a file named INETCPL.CPL .

I have looked at the IE settings (under Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security) and I found that the option labeled "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" was unchecked.

I'd also like to know what is launching INETCPL.CPL via RUNDLL32 upon closure of the IE browser.  Where is this action configured?

This RUNDLL32 process usually takes about 60 to 90 seconds to finish, and while it's executing it raises the CPU utilization to approximately 50 to 70 percent, which slows the system down a little.

Command Line for WMIC :
WMIC /OUTPUT:C:\ProcessList.txt PROCESS get Caption,Commandline,Processid

Output for the RUNDLL32 process :
rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetcpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 10747

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try resetting browser advance settings to its default settings and if wmic command still shows same behavior then it shold be one of default setting which is causing it


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If there is no success in resetting to the defualt setting try the attached script and report back it will register all the files needed for internet explorer to function properly. It doesnt fix everything but its much quicker than a repair or reinstall.

Download Combofix from and HijackThis also.
First Run Combofix and then HijackThis
It will solve your problem
Remember to follow the instruction before trying the above.
cccosavarynAuthor Commented:
Reseting the IE Internet Options to their default values under the Advanced tab resolved this problem immediately.  The only thing I had to do afterwards was to re-enable some of the browser tool bar extensions that I wanted (e.g.,Norton Id Protection tool bar) and which became disabled by the reset operation.

I still wonder where the configuration resides that launched INETCPL.CPL via RUNDLL32, namely:

rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetcpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 10747

What, does this command actually do, and what does the number 10747 mean?
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