Script to enable ActiveX and add a certain site to trusted zone in Internet Explorer

I recently deployed a new print server and I'm utilizing the internet print feature on this site. This feature works really great expect when a user has a problem with activeX within internet explorer and needs to go through and allow all of the activeX parameters. I also need automatic prompting for download enabled as well. Is there a script or something I can run on a users machine to enable these things and maybe add the site into the trusted zone? This would greatly reduce the amount of time I have to put in going to all of our users to enable activeX.
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How are you deploying the printer?  Did you go through each system to set it up or told the user to set it up?
The following might be the direction you are looking for:
This will not be automatic, you would have to advise a user to run this script to alter their settings.
It might be a good time to consider using GPOs to control these settings.
This options could be set through GPO within User setting.
Get GPMC if you do not have it

It could simplify your GPO management.
justin0104Author Commented:
We aren't currently using GPO's in our environment. Are there any other options for this?
justin0104Author Commented:
Figured this one out myself
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