Write to a resource text file in vb


I am new to visual studio and want my application to write info to a text file so that it can remember settings.  

I have an "Accounts.txt" in the resources and when the user adds a new account,  the code copies and renames a blank database file but I need to keep track of these filenames and where they are saved so that the user can select the accounts as needed.

Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated.

This is rather basic I know but I need a bit of a kick start!
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You can write them to a file with the code provided below.

Afterwards you can read each line of the file and split on ";" for example.

Private Sub WriteToFile()
dim strFolder as string = "C:\"
dim strFileName as string = "Textfile.txt"

        Using sw As StreamWriter = File.OpenWrite(Path.Combine(strFolder strFileName))

            sw.WriteLine("Account 1; Path")
            sw.WriteLine("Account 2; Path2")


        End Using
End Sub


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rowanscottAuthor Commented:
Thanks cadsjo

I think I can follow that OK but how do I get the path to the text file.  It would need to reside in C:\Program Files somewhere I suppose.
You can use Application.ExecutablePath. This returns the path where the application is installed.

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