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Hard drive from old laptop on new laptop?

Is it possible to use a hard drive from an old Vista laptop (dead due to hardware problem) in place of the one from a new Windows 7 laptop? The new one is a Toshiba L450-18D; the old one is a Toshiba A200-1YO. The old drive is 160Gb and the new one is 250Gb.
The reason for wanting to do this is compatibility of existing Sage software and an improtant business meeting on Wednesday (i.e. may not have time to set up Sage under Windows 7 in time for meeting).
1 Solution
The Laptop BIOS will accept the new drive without issue.

Where you will most likely find issue is with windows Vista installation and driver configurations. The configuration of these will not match that of the new laptop.  

1) Best to give it a try. - But before you do - 2&3 should be your first priority

2 ) What might be possible is purchasing a USB caddy that has SATA / IDE connectivity - hook the Vista Laptop disk to the new laptop and Windows 7 will recognise the disk and open the partitions on the said old disk.
3) Back up the old disk at this point - anywhere you know it is safe

4) If you have the software and time - create a virtual machine from the Vista Installation, then you may be able to run Sage via the virtual machine from Windows 7

Tricky one this with the differing laptops and specifications
grapey100Author Commented:
Seenal, thanks, I have tried fitting the old disk into the new laptop and it runs okay except that I need to update a few drivers.

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