Connect Client computer to server computer?


I have a Computer which running Sql express as server (FASTCOPY\SQLEXPRESS)

I went to SQL Server Suface Area

and click on surface area configuration

Then Choose Remote Connections
And click Local and remote connection

Then select SQL Server Browser , and startupType Automatic, and start it

Now for Client Computer
Start menu , Control Panel , then System and Maintenance
Then Administrative Tools
Then Computer Management ,
Then from Services and Applications ,
SQL Native Client Configuration , then Client Protocols
Then enabled each of  TCP/IP , Named Pipes and Shared Memory

and Now in the APP within VB2008

MyConnectionString = "Data Source=FASTCOPY\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=inventory;User ID=sa;Password=xxxxx"

but the problem doesn't work , and give error that may remote connection not selected.

Can any body help.
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Raja Jegan RConnect With a Mentor SQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
You are missing few other steps in enabling remote connections and check this one out:
Try disabling the Firewall.
Ahmadal_najjar2003Author Commented:
First of all , I want to thanks all of you.

This problem happened on my client computer , I think the problem is from the firewall . Tomorrow I have appointment with him , so I will see what happen with him , and if some thing go wrong I will inform you.

By the way , I Made some test on my network , and because my firewall was off , It works with me fine , I tried to make it on , and same problem of my client come up. and after I made exceptions to both sqlservr.exe and sqlbrowser.exe . It works fine.  
CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It most probably is firewall problem.
Ahmadal_najjar2003Author Commented:
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