Will changing the Operations Master Affect my Echane server

I have one Active Directoryxxx.com with two Domain Controllers, DC1(primary) and DC2(secondary).
I want to change the Operations Master so I want to make the DC2 as Primary and the DC1 as Secondary.
Will this affect my Current MS Exchange 2007 Configuration?
If so what is the required steps to prvent any loss and keeps on the Exchange funstioning?
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first_MCITPAuthor Commented:
I wanted to add the following:
DC1 in network, DHCP is installed of scope and DNS is installed

DC2 in network DHCP is installed of scope and DNS is installed
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Which FSMO roles do you intend to move - any why ?
so long as don't move the global catalog (not an FSMO role), then you should be ok

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first_MCITPAuthor Commented:
I am just planning to change the Master Operation and make the DC2 as Primary and the DC1 as secondary.
One more thing, I am planning to change subnets also
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Just gto confirm there is no primary and secondary within the domain if they are both global catalog servers both servers can make changes to AD and process logins.

It would be good to understand why you are moving the Operation masters roles from DC1 to DC2.

Can you also explain what you are going to do by changing the subnets?

I am sure we can help you with this just need a few more bits of info.

Moving the FSMO roles from one server to another will not affect exchange in anyway.

If you want to demote one of the servers then make sure your exchange server is using a valid dns and you will need to restart the MS Exchange Active Directory Topology service afterwards
first_MCITPAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys;
Here is a detailed esplaination of the situation. Currently I am having one Active directory with two domain controllers DC1 and DC2. And as pubeheed mentioned booth can be used to do changes to active directory.
DC1 is an old server while DC2 is a new one, this is the main reason i want to do the sawp.
Regarding the subnets, I need to change subnets to expand more. Now my LAN is divided into two networks N1 and N2 connected through a router and FW. I want to merge the two networks to one having same subnet.
Following is the Microsoft Recomandation about Global Catlog and Infrastraucture Master Role:
"Global catalog and infrastructure master role conflict If the IM Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) role holder is also a global catalog server, the phantom indexes are never created or updated on that domain controller. (The FSMO is also known as the operations master.) This behavior occurs because a global catalog server contains a partial replica of every object in Active Directory. The IM does not store phantom versions of the foreign objects because it already has a partial replica of the object in the local global catalog.

For this process to work correctly in a multidomain environment, the infrastructure FSMO role holder cannot be a global catalog server."
Hope It may Help you
Premkumar YogeswaranAnalyst II - System AdministratorCommented:
@iimtiaz: to let you know this Infratstucture master and GC issue is only in Multi-domain forest.
Planning the FSMO Transfer
As a matter of planning strategy, decide if this move is a short term fix, or part of a long term transfer of role.  Another consideration is do you want all the roles on the same Domain Controller.  The answer is probably not, for example, best practice suggests that the Infrastructure master should not be on a Global Catalog.
If the Global Catalog server and Infrastructure Master are on the same server, the Global Catalog no longer updates information.  You can either just accept this peculiarity, or research why it thinks it knows best and does not need to replicate.  This is only a problem in a multi-domain forest.
Your planning should also take into account the fact that each domain has its own RID, PDC and Infrastructure Master, while there is only one Schema and one Domain Naming Master for the entire Active Directory Forest.
Finally a minor consideration, have you the correct rights, for example, do you have access to an account, which is and Enterprise Administrator and Schema Administrator.
To Transfer FSMO:
Hi First MCITP,
Trasfering FSMO wont have impact in Exchange server..! It also refer the AD Sites and services and change the configuration accorginly on its own..!
All the best
first_MCITPAuthor Commented:
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