does IFERROR works in excel 2003?

I have a formula in excel sheet which contains IFERROR, when am opening it in Office 2003, am reciving an error.

Do we have another code that can replace iferror in case 2003 does not support it.
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barry houdiniCommented:
No, IFERROR is an Excel 2007 function. In 2003 You'll have to use ISERROR which involves repeating the formula, e.g. instead of something like this which returns a zero instead of an error
you need
although there can be shorter methods, what's the formula in question?
regards, barry
HassanayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help,

please find the workseet attached, the formula is on columns: S , W, AA
barry houdiniCommented:
Why do you need IFERROR? Assuming you only have valid entries in D10 and F10 then you should only get errors when these cells are blank. In that case it's easier just to check that D10 (or F10) isn't blank, e.g. with these formulas in S10, W10 and AA10 respectively (and copied down)
see attached
You might also want to use a dropdown list in columns D and F to ensure that the entries can only be valid ones, e.g. "MVIP" etc.
 regards, barry

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HassanayAuthor Commented:
but as you can see, this will gice error when i make summation of column W, i think there shoud be a formula which gives 0 when the filed is empty not ""
barry houdiniCommented:
OK, I didn't notice that.....but you should always use a form of SUMPRODUCT that doesn't multiply the sum range, e.g. you can make D34 this formula
which won't give you an error if any values in W10:W32 are "". And other formulas should be revised in the same way, see attached
regards, barry


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HassanayAuthor Commented:
Thanks barryhoudini ,
that was good, but honestly am very afraid when it comes to openeing the sheet in 2003 office.
barry houdiniCommented:
>but honestly am very afraid when it comes to opening the sheet in 2003 office.
Not sure why, all the formulas I proposed above will work in Excel 2003. If you do get any errors that will be as a result of other data/formula issues, nothing intrinsic to the difference between Excel 2007 and Excel 2003.
Let me know if you have any issues with it, I'm happy to help you with anything
regards, barry

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