Help with MX Records / Setting up new Excahnge 2010

Hi everyone,

I am setting up a new exchange 2010 server however ... do not know what I need to do with MX records from our hosting company and what I need to create on the server itself?

 The DNS setting currently is
The e-mail will need to me

Any help would be much appreciated - apologies in advance if I havent given enough info, if I missed anything let me know.

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Andrej PirmanCommented:

If you plan your Exchange 2010 to receive your mail as the only server, then you should setup A and MX records in "" DNS zone like this, for example:  A     <---this is A record, pointing to STATIC public IP of your Exchange server

10  MX  <--- this is MX record, instructing mail servers worldwide to send mail to your Exchange

Don't forget to open your router/firewall to let traffic on port 25 from your STATIC public IP to pass to your Echhange server's LAN IP, for example, open this port:

port 25 on your public IP is redirected to your LAN port 25 at IP, which is your Exchange server's IP.

But be aware that in such a configuration, when your Exchange is down, rebooting or such, or when your internet line is down, outside senders will get mail sending refused.

Also, it is a good practice to tell your ISP to setup REVERSE LOOKUP pointers for your public IP to be, for example:  IN PTR

....or you can setup your Exchange server to use "Smarthost", menaing to use your ISP's mail server as a relay to send your mail out. That way you do not need this PTR record, and also you have less chgances to get listed in some blacklist in case of virus or troyan threat.

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stairpotatoAuthor Commented:
Hi Labsy,

Thanks for that.

I follwed everything - however .... I can not send or receive external mail ...

Using the MX record method .. as id like to avoid smart host is possible.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks
stairpotatoAuthor Commented:
Just had a thought I know DNS from ISP's can take a while to update ... could it be this?

Is there anything else I'd need to do?


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