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what's different in my xampp/IE8 setup?

Hi experts,

I have a test setup on my PC in xampp.  I have one page which is showing fine in Firefox and IE8 on the live webhost.  On my xampp test server it shows fine with Firefox but not in IE8.

All the various code files I use are identical on xampp and the live server.

Are there known issues with xampp/IE/CSS or should I not worry about it?

The page, as it shows ok, can be seen on the live version here...


The offending version is in the attached jpg...the background image does not continue beneath the left hand images.

Thanks in advance,


2 Solutions
The difference is IE's compatibility view. Go to the live webpage and click the compatibility view icon to the right on the address bar. You'll see the same 'problem' on the live webpage.

IE's compatibility view feature is explained here:- http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956197

And in more practical terms here:- http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd567845(VS.85).aspx
Shinesh PremrajanTechnical ManagerCommented:
Its  THE ie8 Issue. Place this in your HTML file and test the application in the IE.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

Hope this helps..
colinspursAuthor Commented:
Guys, thanks for your help.  I had pretty much given up on this one.  I've tripped over compatibility before, so I should have thought of that.

OK, I had compatibility mode ON in my xampp version.  So this begs a new question...the page displays wrong with IE8/compatibility on, so it also displays wrong in IE7???  So I need to find a fix for that now?

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Do you?

It's the version that's live on the web that matters. Cast a blind eye to the local version of the site I say. The live version is displaying fine :)
David S.Commented:
If you would like to fix it in IE7, give "min-height:1%" to "#content".  You may also want to give "margin-right:-1px" to ".results" to compensate for the "50%+50% > 100%" rounding bug.
colinspursAuthor Commented:
v2, it was wrong in live IE7.

Kravimir, many thanks.  I also have an issue with the width of the horizontal menu in IE (box model prob I think) but I'll post another question for that.

colinspursAuthor Commented:
Hope you don't mind the split.  Thanks for helping.

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