How to remove spam from my HTC Zero

The workstations behind my SBS 2003 all rely on Outlook for the removal of their spam. This works allright. However I also have an HTC Zero thet gets its mail from this server. Here however all the spam just gets in freely.  Is there a recommended app for this?
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B HCommented:
is your htc set up for pop3 or true "exchange"?

when outlook sends spam out of the inbox to somewhere else, does the htc reflect the movement of the spam, or does it stay in the inbox?

there are much better options for spam filtering at the server level, by the way... no reason to let this stuff get to the users.

i think you're better off dealing with the spam filtering at the server/outlook level, and let the htc see the changes.  trying to spam-filter on the htc is going to cause issues on the server side of your mailbox, and will make tracking false-positives harder

TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
OK Thanks for the advice. BTW it is a true Exchange connection, not just another pop3 box. I understand your argument, but doing it from the server invokes extra cost (that I had covered with Outlook). Do you know an affordable solution for a small (6 clients) network?
B HCommented:
we use ORF by vamsoft - it's extremely customizable and easy to use.  the default out of the box configuration will block 80% spam by using national blacklists, you can customize from there if you want - for example i block any country other than USA/CA - $239 with no recurring annual costs, unless you want to keep upgrade rights past a year.  with one purchase, your version will work forever

i have tweaked mine to block over 99% of spam

if you leave your outlook open somewhere all the time, your current setup should filter the spam to the junk folder, and the changes should be reflected on the htc instantly.  but, it requires that outlook be left running somewhere, since in your current setup, spam is not filtered unless outlook is up.  on the server-side, which is what your phone sees, is all the spam until it's moved

with orf the spam doesnt even touch your inbox - unless you tell it to of course

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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you don't want spam on your mobile phone, you will have to stop it getting to Exchange which means installing some anti-spam software to eliminate the spam getting to your server.

My vote is also with Vamsoft ORF.  Best anti-spam software I have ever seen.
TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
I'll probably move to VAMsoft, though your explanation of how opening Outlook cleans out the HTC is also very helpful. At least for the time being.
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