Displaying documents from different databases in a single view

I have several databases (db vendorA, db vendorB, db vendorC and so on). The documents within these databases have category field with several values assigned (shoes,  caps, jackets and so on)

When a web user picks specific category, I need to select documents based on the chosen category in all the databases and display them on the web, in a single view - for example, all documents that have category "shoes" from all the vendors

I would prefer to keep databases separate.

I am considering to run an agent that would build collection of the documents, but not sure how much load it would bring to the server
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jmaritzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is always a way. Ha ha

There is a project on openNTF -

The application was originaly done by domlike.net and called "Domgle" .

Basically you have a configuration document which specifies which databases on which servers you want to search, which fields and what you want returned. you just have to copy an agent into each database that you want to search and then run your search from this database, brings ebrything back as an html page with links to the dcouments.
Domino version?
The only way you can show documents from multiple databases in a single view is by using DB2 query view design element in Domino DB2 enabled databases, which became available in v7:

But why wouldn't you create separate view for each db (category) and then simply switch between views?
Those separate views would be each in its own database and then simply called by outline entry.

Another idea, you could use a page or form in your database, containing an embedded view. That view that's embedded may reside in another database.
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fgrushevskyAuthor Commented:
Domino version is 8.5

DB2 query would require DB2 Access server

I could create separate view for each db and switch between them but it would not solve the problem
For example, let's say first DB is "Reebok", second DB is "Nike", another one is "Adidas" and so on.

what is needed that when user picks category, for example "sneakers", the site should display sneakers from all the vendors from different databases
There's no way you can do that, in a way you want, without DB2-enabling your Domino server.
mbonaciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Domgle allows you to implement multi-database search, which is a long way from a view with documents from multiple databases.
That aside, Domgle is a great effort that you can customize (remove search box and feed the query from the code) to imitate your view (web only, of course).

But there's a far easier way to accomplish that. I've recently been working on XPages and came across the fact that (since you're using 8.5) you can create an XPage with multiple data sources:
fgrushevskyAuthor Commented:
Thank you, guys

Domgle seems to hit the spot... and it is time to learn XPages
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