what are the best iPhone programmatic books or online references out there?

i'm teaching an iPhone class based on Maher Ali's, "iPhone SDK 3 Programming" for his programmatic approach. for example, the opposite of a programmatic approach is to create an iPhone app using the GUI of the iPhone Interface Builder. is there any other book or online references on sale or free using this approach?
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nexgenitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is very good for Cocoa programming;


For iphone, I have this one :)

In youtube there are also some very informative videos, i suggest you to check them.
you could always try iphone SDK development for dummies http://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Application-Development-Dummies-Computers/dp/0470487372
clearlytaoAuthor Commented:
i have that book and the programming is GUI based on top of being sparse in content through no fault of the author due simply out of the necessity of catering to a dummies book.
clearlytaoAuthor Commented:
thanks for the feedback!

the Cocoa book doesn't explicitly cater to the iPhone but i'm awarding you the full points after a long spell since i had Erica Sadun's pdf book in my collection from last year but realized just now that she did base the book on a programmatic approach.

thanks again.
clearlytaoAuthor Commented:
there are now two programatic iPhone books - the first by Erica Sadun and the second by Maher Ali!
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