Vista Laptop won't boot

Acer 9410 Laptop boots to a BSOD with error volmgr.sys,  Stop codes alternate between a stop 50 and a stop 7e.  Any ideas?
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAsked:
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Have you tried inserting your Vista installation DVD and running Startup Repair, as detailed on this page:
How to automatically repair Windows Vista using Startup Repair

What is Startup Repair?  This Microsoft page has a great deal more information about that:
Windows Help and How-To:  Startup Repair: frequently asked questions

Startup Repair is designed to detect operating system startup problems and troubleshoot any found and correct them with little user interaction.  It can repair problems such as:

- missing or corrupt drivers
- missing or corrupt system files
- missing or corrupt boot configuration settings
- corrupt registry settings
- corrupt disk metadata (master boot record, partition table, or boot sector.)

When the Startup Repair Tool has taken control, it analyzes startup log files for clues about the source of the problem and launches diagnostic tests to determine the cause. If it determines the cause of the failure, it attempts to fix the problem automatically. After successfully repairing the problem, it will reboot the system, and notify the user of the repairs, filing a detailed report in the Windows Vista event log.

If the Startup Repair Tool can identify the cause of the problem, but can't repair the problem by itself, it will provide access to a set of tools that you can use to manually troubleshoot the problem further.  One of these is the Bootrec tool described below.

If the Startup Repair Tool cannot identify or repair the problem, it will roll back the system to the last configuration that was known to work (Last Known Good Configuration.) Again it will add detailed information about the problem to the Windows Vista event log.
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
Lee, I did some research and found the stop 50 error referred to memory problems.  It has 2 x 1 gig memory pieces so I removed one and it started to safe mode OK.  I ran Vista repair diagnostics and replaced the questionable RAM and it's booting just fine.

However, I did clear 250+ virus with Malwarebytes and now it won't connect to a wireless network.  It did once and would not on the second reboot.  The device manager says wireless is OK.  I uninstalled and let PnP reinstall and it still does not see any wireless networks, and it should see at least 3.  The hardwired nic works fine.

I'm running another full Malwarebytes scan and looking for ways to get the wireless to work.
Delete all Wireless networks in Wireless Advanced Defs.
Unnistall your network adapter from Device Manager.
Reinstall It and try again.


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check if this applies :
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
After clearing virus and running AVG, Trying to run Spybot S&D, get this message, " Windows cannot access the speicified device or file.   You may not have the appropriate permissions to access this item."  

This is a Vista Home Premimum machine.  How do I correct permissions issues?  Have not run into other permission problems, yet.
This web page should be of help:
How do I... Change access permissions for all folders and files in Vista?
DwEckert, any feedback?

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Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
The final answer provided was acceptable, but it did not fix the problem.  I took other actions to complete the repair.
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