problem printing Arial Font

I have a lot of print routines throughout my app on many forms etc. i changed most of the fonts from the default Ms San Sieriff to Arial, but now i notice that
the printing is barley readable in textboxes and msflexgrids in picture boxes, they look fine. The arial fonts look clearer and better than Ms San Serif fonts on my screen, but printing with Arial cannot be read. Does anyone know why ? I am printing by printscreen. Using vb6
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Try using Me.PrintForm, see if this helps
or printer driver can be culprit.
Your whole premiss of trying to print from the screen might be flawed.

Look at text on the screen magnified, either by using the "Magnifier" application that comes with windows, or looking at a print screen within Paint and zoom in.  You will see that Microsoft goes through great extents to fine tune the edges of the text so that it appears just right on a screen.  They do so by using a range of colors around the edges for what looks like black text.

So even when the text is "black", it is actually rendered using all sorts of colors.  But you are trying to print these colored text on a black and white printer.  The colors just are not going to translate as well to a printer.  

How ever, if you actually print an arial font to the printer, the print driver will attempt to optimize the font to the printer's abilities.

So short of redoing everything so that you are actually printing to the printer (rather than printing a pixel copy of the screen), the only suggestion I can think of is to try using a THICKER font (so the edges don't matter as much) like "Arial Black", or find a font on your system that doesn't use the color details to fine tune the font.  On my Window's 7 machine, the following fonts seem to not use the color details:
Courier  (NOT "Courier New")
MS Gothic
MS Mincho
MS PMincho
Univers Condensed

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isnoend2001Author Commented:
You are correct, thank you
isnoend2001Author Commented:
My color cartridge becoming plugged verifies your answer. As it printed fine until then with arial
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