NTFS Partition not accessible. "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" after BSOD

New (Acronis Disk Director) Partition worked for two days.  Other partition on same hard drive seems fine. Error message appeared after intense  work on different hard drive preparing for windows 7 dual boot install. (NOT on the drive or partition that is now bad). Suddenly I had a black screen, then a reboot.  This invoked Checkdisk, which found some misallocation of files and said it had corrected problem.  Next reboot caused checkdisk to run again.  This time it found no errors, but my attempt to open the new partition gave error: NTFS Partition not accessible. "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" .  How can I troubleshoot/access the data?  I'm afraid to mess it up further. Stumped. Thanks.  
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use chkdsk /f  in recovery console and then try to access it and use this tool works great and free too.


DO NOT USE CHKDSK. If it makes further changes that damage or orphan some files, you may be unable to
get anything usefull off the drive.

First, make a copy of your data. (e.g. Clonezilla)
Then use chkdsk if you wish.

Alternately, you could try Ubuntu to see if it can read the drive. I have had chkdsk go into an infinite recover loop on a drive that Windows showed as RAW but which Ubuntu was able to read without incident, except for a single file that it could not access.
calvert317Author Commented:
"try ubuntu" sounds great, but I have no idea how to do that.  Do I have to install a whole new OS? Windows says there is nothing on that partition, no file structure, no volume name, although the chkdisk, which runs on its own everytime I restart, sees lotsa stuff there and sees the right file structure (NTFS) and Volume name.  Chkdsk also says everything is working fine and makes no repairs.  Right.
I cannot get into recovery console because my pass word won't work, but that's another question which I will post right now.  Are there programs out there for my problem that will let me get at the files?  Fortunately, this file is on a  different HD from the OS, so hopefully nothing is being overwritten.  I can try making a true image clone of the drive, if I can get True image to even recognize it.  More ideas?  thanks
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Try Ubuntu means download the latest LiveCD .iso from ubuntu.com, burn the CD with the iso image, and boot directly from the CD.

No installation (or change to your system) is required. Once you have Ubuntu booted, you can browse the local disks for whatever files are accessible and then either copy them to a USB or over the network to another system.
As for imaging the drive, Clonezilla is an effective option that also has a LiveCD version.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Forget about your data because of this "This invoked Checkdisk, which found some misallocation of files and said it had corrected problem." CHKDSK has correct the data allocation links and the file icons are pointing to nowhere now.
You can try to delete the partition and then use Undelete with Acronis. This could find the version of partition before modifications you've made. Not much hope still.

As an attempt you can try GetDataBack by www.runtime.org to recover your data but chances are low.
If GDB  fails to recover the data admit its loss and reformat the partition. It is a shame for Acronis that they did not predict such problems. Paragon Partitioning Manager software for example suggests continuing with interrupted operation when you restart PC during the task.
Your data MAY be lost now, but if you start fiddling with it before creating an image then your data WILL be lost.

At a minimum, make no permanent changes while trying to recover the data. The Ubuntu LiveCD allows you to do non-destructive testing.

When you decide to do potentially destructive testing (chkdsk, or the Wizard's suggestion) first make the image so that it the 'solution' does not work you still have a chance to try something else to recover the data.

You may not be able to unscramble an egg, but you can scramble it worse while trying.

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calvert317Author Commented:
acronis delete/undelete did not work. I did stop all fiddling, saved an image, and have recovered most of the data with recovermyfiles.com program.  Most files are unindexed now, so refiling them is dreadful chore. But at least data is there.  Thanks to all.  Olivia
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