VPN logon script when connection initiated


I would like a VPN connection to run a logon script when connected. Currently when a  user logs onto the domain locally, it runs a logon script where it maps some network drives. The logon script is initiated in the user profile in the login script section in active directory.

Does this happen when a vpn connection is made? or would you be able to map some drives automatically?
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Rakz0rConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
ok i have found my solution. I can use CMAK to achieve this. for those would want to know, below is the web address. i have tested it, and works fine.

Not easily.

If you are using windows xp, users can connect to VPN prior to logging on to computer.  Then the scripts will run automatically.

If not, you can create a script to run the Cisco VPN from the command line and then map the drive.
Rakz0rAuthor Commented:
sorry, but i thought u could only connect  to vpn via network connections? i will not be having terminal services.
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I was thinking that you were using Cisco to provide a VPN connection.  My bad.

What is acting as VPN server?
Rakz0rAuthor Commented:
windows server 2003. only a small company with artound 12 pc's
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