Mount an iso to a virtual drive using group policy/scripting

My domain runs on sbs2003 premium.  My clients are mostly Windows 7, with a few XPs...  I have a program that a couple of people need that MUST have a CD in the drive to work.  I have already determined that it works just fine mounting an iso of that CD using a network path to a client, provided the virtual cd program is installed on the client machines.  I have made it work using both magicdisc and poweriso.  The problem is that its not feasible to physically walk to each machine to install the virtual cd software and then mount the iso.

I'm looking for any suggestions to deploy the virtual cd software (which is not available as an msi) across the network, and THEN use a script to mount the iso when the user logs on (if its not already mounted)....  Any suggestions at all?  I know it can be done using a script, but I am not good with scripts at all so if you can either show me the code to do what I want or send me to a REALLY GOOD link where I can get something that would be great.  Or is there an easier way?

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Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Refer this to Deploy Applications Using Group Policy:

Refer this article for commands to mount the iso:

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