Parental control on internet usage using router settings

Belkin F5D8231-4 wireless router

I have the above wireless router which is connected to some computers wired and some wirelessly.  How can I control usage of the internet on certan machines after a certain tme e.g. parental controls.  This includes both blocking certain sites e.g. youtube on the home network or blocking certan PCs altogether from any internet activity after e.g. 10pm?

I once remember using a router which allowed me to configure the router settings so that I could list sites I didn't want loading unless an admin password was entered.  This router does not allow me to do that.  

Also how do MAC settings work v IP address restrictions on each PC especially if each PC is allocated a dynamic IP address?
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B HCommented:
ip addresses can change, but mac addresses are effectively the serial number of the network port inside each computer... those don't change by themselves

your router isn't going to give you all the features you listed

your best bet is to get K9 web filter, it's made by a very good company called BlueCoat, and it's free for home use.

it does exactly what you described, and more

tell them i sent you and you'll get a discount
(just kidding, it really is free forever)

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This on page 58 of your user manual. If you do not have it, you can get a copy here
It does not appear you can control using MAC address, IP only. Your concern regarding dynamic IP addresses appears valid. One way around this is to statically assign IP addresses to all your boxes and disable the routers DHCP server.
Your control of the internet usage using this device appears very limited and primitive at best. I would not consider this router as an option.
Because you have multiple boxes with potentially different restriction needs, I think you need a much more robust solution. You are on the right track with a single control point rather than software installed and managed on each box. Some options:
If you have an older pc, you can throw in an additional network card and use
IPCop -
Or, you can use a device such as this
Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
IPCop with the urlfilter addon would be my recommendation.

The link to IPCop was provided by lee555J5 above and a link to urfilter is:

hedgeselectAuthor Commented:
K9 and IPCop are software solutions to be installed on each PC though right?

How do I assign static IP addresses to each computer and how does the router then handle say a regular visitor who brings their PSP or laptop.  They will not necessarily have a static IP address - does that mean they will not  be able to connect?
K9 is a software solution that you must install on each pc to be monitored/controlled. The more pcs to monitor, the more administration required (squared). Also, right now, it is pc only. A mac version is in beta, but there is no Linux version. There are many more individual pc software solutions, some pay for some free.
IPCop is a Linux distribution you would install on a dedicated pc--new, older, spare, etc. It is free and would do everything you need. You would add another network card (total 2) and put it at the point in your network where all pcs come together to get to the internet--probably near the modem, router, or switch. This gives you a single point of administration, less resources used on individual boxes, OS-independent monitoring (Windows, macs, and linux all use the one network), and less risk of a clever kid defeating something locally installed.
The iBoss is an all-in-one packaged solution similar to IPCop. However, you pay for the device and an annual subscription. This could pay for itself, though, in reducing the setup and administration time required.
I assign static IPs to all my stationary equipment--desktops, printers, etc. Any device that may travel to other networks I leave dynamic. So, I have both. My networking equipment and printers get static IPs in the range. My desktops are in the 100-199 range; and I leave my router's DHCP server on providing addresses in the range 200-220 for laptops, iPhones, and guests.
To assign static IPs on Windows 7, go to Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center | Change adapter settings. Right-click the network adapter you want to configure and select Properties. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties. Select 'Use the following IP address:' and enter your static information for IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, AND Preferred and Alternate DNS servers. Windows Vista is very similar, and XP is not too different.
About all that TCP/IP stuff, you need at least a basic understanding of TCP/IP. Otherwise, you can configure your boxes so they cannot browse web sites, cannot even get to the internet, or cannot communicate on any network at all. If you end up here, you can always set your boxes back to get their IP config automatically, provided you leave your router's DHCP server up.
Bottom Line: Order of increasing administration required is iBoss, IPCop (once installed and initially configured), software solutions on each box.
Let me know what you want to do.
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