WSUS configuration

We are using WSUS3.0 with SBS2003 server.
Is there any way to configure WSUS so that it can only install updates within certain timeframe? For eg, Updates needs to be pushed between 7PM Friday to 7PM Sunday, workstation should not get updates from WSUS other then this time.

I know that this can be configured using SMS/SCCM server, but we can’t implement that.
Also, I think the other way is to run script on workstation that downloads update from WSUS server that means we can run script between 7PM Friday to 7PM Sunday.
We found that when WSUS installs updates during day time, it slow down network and affecting users performance.
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
There are ways you can alleviate the network performance

WSUS: How To Throttle BITS

More on throttling WSUS downloads
Fist, downloading updates during your time frame: Use wuinstall
Run it from the workstations at a scheduled time, and force the reboot. They will get their updates from your WSUS server.

The script is: wuinstall /download /install /reboot

Second: Performance.

Once you have wuinstall you can direct exactly  the time each workstation updates. I don't know how many workstations you have, but break them up into blocks and schedule them 1/2 hour apart or an hour apart.

I have not had success throttling WSUS, but when you are in control of the clients this need is mitigated.

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