Windows 7 Index remote network drive or startup automatically

i have a remote network drive that is stored on an offsite server.. Each time i log into the computer it says it could not connect to the drive. I then have to double click and relogin to the drive....

how can i automatically login to the drive on startup and if possible index it so that it can be put in my libraries?
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naburtonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
net use will not work on webdav...  sorry...  as far as I know....  you will have to map the webdav drive manually.
Did you mean you want it auto login when rebooted?

In this case, since workgroup was not centralize manage users accounts, you need the share computer and your local computer having same account name and password, then it will auto login. Though it may have some other tweak such as remember username and password.

also see this solution
bat file using net use and then put the bat file in the startup script for the user in the gpo or just put it in the startup in the programs menu.  The /USER: must be cap.


@echo off
net use f: \\servername\share /USER:username password
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ambush276Author Commented:
the problem is im using webDav and i have to type in HTTP:// at hte beginning...

ambush276Author Commented:
basically i cannot have the \\ to start the drive... i need to have

https:\\ to start it?
ambush276Author Commented:
an answers not a solution
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